Rolex watches behind the story

Rolex watches and China have origins, seen in the early, the Swiss gave Mao Zedong's a non-ordinary Rolex watch, why this watch is unusual because it is clearly out of this watch custom. Rolex watches and China have origins, seen in the early, the Swiss gave Mao Zedong's a non-ordinary Rolex watch, why this watch is unusual because it is clearly out of this watch custom. Mao Zedong was the famous "three without", that is, without a gun, two without money, three do not wear watches; but the Swiss sent this replica watches uk Mao Zedong was pleased to accept. I may be exaggerated, but at least 1945 did not record about how the watch used by Chairman Mao. Except for Chairman Mao's watch is only a few words, and there is no mention of this hidden "Chairman Rolex." Du Xiuxian "Kacha" sound, this time will be taken into the lens of history. But we can conclude that this piece of gold with a special customization of the Rolex is not the world out of print, at least few and far between. Chairman Mao Zedong wore watches feel uncomfortable, Mao Zedong in looking at the photos of the watch is even more rare, and has been published so far to see the watch of Chairman Mao's photos only on September 30, 1959, Xinhua News Agency reporters Du Xiuxian That one shot, and this one photo can be considered almost alone. But I am afraid that only a handful of people can order in the Rolex watch factory orders watch. This piece of Rolex watches on the calendar disk shows the Chinese characters once again shows the special nature of this watch. In addition to this, the gold rolex replica style and pure gold texture here does not seem too prominent. This is a people puzzling place. Zhou Enlai watches that year we can use the vast number of magical search sites to find almost crystal clear. But in front of this piece of "Chairman Rolex" not to mention is to have, even if only really seen people must be minimal. In 2006, Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra sent US President George W. Bush a $ 11,000 worth of French-made Cartier Santos 18K white gold watch. Conventionally speaking, the Kuwaiti gift-giving should be selected from the local production, take other things to a third party, it seems unreasonable, but the watch seems to be an exception. These two pictures Rolex watch pictures and more than just two ordinary watch pictures. But the Swiss and Arab foreign guests in the visit to China when the gifts of the ceremony, the two gifts were given to the two top leaders of China - Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai. According to Du Xiuxian memories, the day the Soviet leader Khrushchev will fly to the Capital Airport, Khrushchev to the field is invited to participate in the 10th anniversary celebration of the founding of our country. In August 28, 1945 Mao Zedong went to Chongqing negotiations, the famous writer Guo Moruo at the airport to see Mao Zedong wrist did not wear a watch, immediately remove his watch and will own hand Omega watches donated to Mao Zedong. Just by virtue of this nuance, we can see how the Swiss gift is well-intentioned. Also because of the emergence of this photo. Since then, Mao Zedong has been wearing the dial on the word has been off some of the rolex replica, but in August 1966 changed once strap. Thus, to send elegant to the expensive watch tradition has not been due to changes in the times been forgotten, has continued down. If not Du Xiuxian that night to a little while to see the plane has not yet come to that topic can be shot, just met with Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai each other out of the wrist watch on the moment. Perhaps we have no way to know that Chairman Mao had such a gold watch. Want to find a piece with the "President Rolex" exactly the same goods I am afraid that is quite laborious. Wearing a Rolex watch far more than tens of thousands of celebrity wealth, so Rolex watches can also be seen big world watch brand.